So you’ve decided it’s time to bring a pet into your home – but what’s it going to be?! The animal you choose will be a part of your family for many years to come so it’s important that you choose a pet that’s the right fit for your household. Below we list a few questions you should ask yourself before making this big decision.

How Much Space Do You Have?

This is the first question you should ask yourself as space is the biggest determining factor in which pets you can have. If you’re living in a small apartment with little outside space, then getting a dog is unwise and you’re better off choosing a cat or other small indoor pet. If you have some space then a dog is an option, but bigger dogs need more space to run around so make sure you choose a breed that fits the size of your home.

Do You Like to Travel?

If you work long hours or travel frequently then you’ll need to choose a cat or breed of dog that can tolerate being left alone for long periods. Most cats are happy at home if you go on holiday and get a friend to feed them, whilst dogs often struggle without their owners around and would need to spend time in a kennel.

What’s Your Lifestyle?

If you’re a very active person and love spending time outdoors running or hiking then a terrier or sporting dog such as a cocker spaniel, golden retriever or Irish setter will be a great exercise companion. On the other hand, if you prefer to spend your free time relaxing then a small breed or a toy dog will be happy to curl up with you on the sofa at the weekend without needing too much activity, and be satisfied with just a toddle around the garden for exercise.

Why Do You Want a Pet?

Do you want companionship for yourself or a play buddy for your children? If you’re thinking about home security and protection then herding dogs such as Australian shepherds, border collies and Australian cattle dogs will be your top choice. For a low-maintenance sofa buddy an older cat is a great idea, whereas a terrier will watch out for the whole family when you’re out and about.

Adult vs. Baby

You have two options when getting a new pet – buying a young kitten or puppy or adopting a mature animal. Younger pets are of course cuter and very hard to resist, but require a lot of work to become fully house trained and used to living with humans. An older animal will already be socialised and housetrained, but may be less energetic than a youngster. Think about how much energy you and your family have to give to your new pet before you make your decision.

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