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Pet Surgery. Professional Pet Surgical Procedures.

Pet Surgery from Highly Trained Professionals

Finding out that a loved one needs surgery can be a scary moment – regardless of whether that family member happens to be human or animal. At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, we want to make each and every surgical procedure performed in our hospital as stress-free and positive an experience as possible for everyone involved.

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital we are able to perform a wide range for surgical procedures.

We have dedicated vets and nurses, excellent equipment and set high standards for our procedures.

Some of the surgeries commonly performed at PKVH include:

  • routine desexing
  • lump removals
  • suturing wounds
  • certain joint and orthopaedic procedures
  • abdominal surgery, e.g. intestinal foreign body removal

We have a dedicated theatre for aseptic procedures, surgical lighting, and an array of instruments (which are sterilised in our autoclave).

Most procedures require general anaesthesia. We pride ourselves on using the safest possible anaesthetic agents and multi-modal pain relief to keep our patients and comfortable as possible during and after procedures.

We have highly-trained staff monitoring patients under anaesthesia and we have equipment to monitor blood pressure, oxygenation, ECG and temperature during procedures.

We also have a separate dental suite for performing dental procedures, ranging from routine dental cleaning to the extraction of diseased teeth.

We understand that you have questions and concerns, and we want you to know that we’re here to set your mind at ease.