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Exotics Animals

Port Kennedy Vet Hospital also caters for the smaller furry, feathered or scaled friends of your family.

Rabbits, Ferrets and Guinea Pigs

Services provided: 

  • Routine vaccinations 
  • Parasite control 
  • Husbandary 
  • Desexing 

Rabbit, ferret and guinea pig vet

Preventative health is important for all kinds of exotic pets, so you will want to find an experienced guinea pig, ferret and rabbit vet to care for your pet.

At Port Kennedy Vets you can be confident your pet is being looked after by an experienced rabbit, guinea pig and ferret vet.

We understand the specific needs of all of these different pets. Rabbits for instance should be vaccinated against diseases such as calicivirus between 10 and 12 weeks of age, with 6 monthly follow-up vaccinations after that.

Rabbits can also be affected by fleas, lice and mites. Mites may cause a skin condition in your rabbit and irritate your pet. The vets at Port Kennedy vet can  best advise on how to prevent, manage and provide treatment for your pet.

Lice and mites can be a common problem for guinea pigs and cause itchiness and sores. Both rabbits and guinea pigs also need regular dental checks, as they can experience overgrown incisors and molars. Your guinea pig vet can guide you on the best preventative health plan.

Ferrets should be vaccinated for diseases like distemper when they are young and receive a booster each year after that. Ferrets can also pick up fleas from cats or dogs and are susceptible to heartworm disease and dental problems. Your ferret vet can assist with preventative treatment to ensure your pet is in the best of health.

You may also like to consider desexing your rabbit, guinea pig or ferret if you are not planning on breeding them.

Services provided: 

  • Routine care and consultations 
  • Husbandry 
  • Beak and wing clips 
  • Parasite control 


Bird vet

An avian vet is a vet who has knowledge and experience caring for birds. At Port Kennedy Vets, your bird vet can help prevent and identify diseases and conditions unique to birds. An avian vet can also provide advice and assistance regarding diet, behavioural issues and parasite control.

To prevent issues with your bird, we recommend conducting an initial health assessment then annual check-ups. Your pet will be examined for parasites and worms and given any treatment. Your bird vet can also assist with control of parasites such as mites and lice, as well as beak and wing clips.


Services offered:

  • Routine care and consultations 
  • Parasite control 
  • Husbandry 

Reptile vet

All reptiles are different and have different health needs. Like other exotic pets, reptiles aren’t necessarily affected by disease and injury the same way that dogs and cats are. It might be difficult for instance to notice early signs of illness in reptiles.

So it is important to put your pet in the hands of an experienced reptile vet. At Port Kennedy Vets we have the experience and know-how for dealing with reptiles.

Key to looking after your reptile is a preventative health regime. Your reptile vet at Port Kennedy Vets can conduct an initial veterinary assessment for all new pets and then annual check-ups.

Your reptile vet will conduct a physical examination and look for any subtle signs of disease so any issues can be treated early.

Contact us today for professional care for your exotic pet.