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CAT AND DOG Grooming

Our Professional Cat & Dog Grooming Services

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, we are passionate about pets. We don’t just care for your pet’s medical needs; we help them to look and feel great too! Grooming is an important part of pet care. It helps to protect their coat and nurture their overall health.

No more muddy paws! No more smelly tangled coats! No more grass seeds stuck to the feet and ears!

Keep Your Pet Looking Good and Feeling Great

Depending on the breed, age, and health of your pet, grooming may need to be a part of their daily routine. Many breeds require less grooming than this, but regular grooming always helps to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, we have a wide range of grooming services to suit your pet’s needs, with premium grooming, clipping and bathing service for cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds. From premium pampering to a light freshen up, a grooming solution is available to keep your dog or cat in top condition.

Our affordable Wellness Programs include nail clipping and hydrobath for your dog or puppy. Incorporating regular vet check-ups and grooming services, a vet care program keeps your pet in the best shape for a long, healthy and happy life, all with easy monthly payments.

Include Grooming in Your Pet’s Wellness Program

A cute little terrier breed dog taking a bubble bath with his paws up on the rim of the tub

More About Our Dog Grooming

For several different breeds regular dog grooming is essential for your pet. Breeds that don’t shed or those that have long or curly fur, such as schnauzers and poodles need dog grooming around every eight weeks or so to prevent matting.

Hybrid breeds, particularly those mixed with poodles like cavoodles and labradoodles, also require regular dog grooming.

Some breeds need specialised grooming techniques or have iconic cuts that are specific to their breeds, like West HIghland White Terriers and Shih Tzus.

Regardless of your dog’s breed or size, our groomers have the experience and equipment needed to groom your pet.

Hydrobathing for Dogs and Puppies

Hydrobaths are specially designed for dogs and puppies. They to promote a healthy coat, control parasites, and provide a massaging effect, among other things.

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, you organise a regular hydrobath and dog grooming through your wellness program or you can make an appointment to pamper your pet.

Your dog will need their toenails trimmed regularly, depending on their breed and lifestyle. This can help to reduce pain, maintain balance and correct posture.

Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital can provide professional nail trimming as required or as part of your wellness program. Make an appointment today.

Nail Clipping for Dogs

Cat Grooming

Although cats groom themselves, some breeds need professional cat grooming, particularly during the times of the year when they shed more hair.

Cat grooming is beneficial for long-haired and medium-haired cats as it can help prevent hairballs and fur matting. Regular cat grooming can also reduce the amount of fur that is shed inside your house.

It’s a good idea to start getting your cat groomed when it is a kitten so it gets accustomed to the process. 

Contact Port Kennedy Vets for more information about our dog grooming and cat grooming services.

Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital Pet Grooming