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Cat Grooming

Cat grooming plays an important part in the ongoing health and wellbeing of your feline friend. Whether they’re longhaired, shorthaired, young, old, big or small, Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital has the professional grooming services you need.

Is cat grooming necessary?

While it’s true that most cats will groom themselves, this doesn’t mean that owners don’t need to be involved in grooming on any level. How much grooming your cat needs will vary depending on their age, breed and general health, but all cats can benefit from a regular grooming routine. Our knowledgeable staff have the tools and the experience necessary for carrying out all manner of routine grooming tasks. This means we can get the job done quickly, efficiently and with minimal stress caused to your fur-baby.

What are the benefits of professional cat grooming?

Keeps the coat looking healthy: Without regular grooming, cats (particularly those with longer hair) can develop patches of matted fur. When this occurs the knotted and tangled fur often has to be cut out in clumps, leaving unsightly bald patches.

Reduce hairballs: For cats with long or medium length fur, vet grooming can also reduce the risk of them developing hairballs (where the cat regurgitates the loose hair that it’s consumed during self-grooming). In extreme cases, hairballs can lead to internal blockages which require urgent medical care.

Monitor for health problems: Having your cat regularly groomed by a vet can help you to stay alert to any potential health issues that may otherwise go unnoticed under all that fur. During cat grooming vets are alert for changes in condition, unexplained lumps and skin issues, as well as keeping an eye out for parasites such as ticks.

Less cat hair on your furniture: Professional cat grooming can, last but not least, reduce the amount of hair that is being shed inside your home (always a plus!).

At what age should I get my cat groomed?

Cat grooming should ideally start while your cat is still a kitten, as this will help them to become familiar and comfortable with the process (minimising unwanted stress). But cats may need assistance with grooming throughout their lives, particularly as they get older or if they’re overweight or suffering from a chronic condition such as arthritis. If your cat has any kind of mobility issues, then a regular grooming schedule can help them to stay happy and healthy, avoiding conditions such as matting of the coat, which can then lead to further problems, such as skin-fold dermatitis.