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Wellness Packages for Cats and Dogs

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, we recognise that regular preventive care is essential for your pet’s continued health.With this in mind, we have developed a range of Wellness Packages that focus on providing high-level preventative vet care, for your cat, dog, puppy or kitten.Our Wellness Packages designed for Kittens & CatsPuppies & Dogs which mean you’ll get premium professional care for your pet, great savings on vet bills, and peace of mind for your furry family member.


By purchasing a Wellness Package for your cats, dogs, puppies or dogs, you’ll save money on the total cost of recommended preventive care and treatments.

Best of all, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it much easier to manage your pet’s healthcare costs. Preventative health care will help detect various health related problems before they become major issues.

Keep your pet healthy for less with our monthly payment plans.

Our veterinarians have created these comprehensive Wellness Packages with you and your pet in mind. We have taken the utmost care to include all of the preventative care services we believe are essential in keeping every dog and cat healthy and happy, during every stage of life, to suit every budget.

Monthly Payment Plans

Preventative Care

Early detection is key to preventing and managing many diseases and reducing costly medical bills. With a Wellness Package, your pet will have regular vet visits and receive these basic checkups:

  • Regular Health checks
  • Discount on consultations
  • Parasite treatments and deworming
  • Core vaccinations tailored to your pet’s lifestyle
  • Complimentary bag and discount on premium pet food

To know what else is covered and advantages of your Pet’s Wellness Programs visit our Dogs and Puppies, Cat and Kittens Wellness Package, we have the best chance of preventing, detecting and managing any possible illnesses or disease down the road.