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About Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital

About us

In 1999, Dr David Hoare first purchased Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, developing what was at that time, a small one vet practice into the bustling seven vet and eighteen support staff practice we have today. Throughout this period many changes have taken place, including the purchase of the neighbouring property in 2004, combining the two premises and effectively doubling the size of the practice. Since that time we have evolved to provide the local community with an exceptional clinical facility, with access to some of the latest technologies that veterinary medicine has to offer.

Our Experience

All the staff at Port Kennedy value the opportunity to provide support to the next generation of veterinarians and veterinary nurses, by providing multiple work experience placements throughout the year. In fact you may get the opportunity to see this training process in action, as many of the veterinary students shadow our clinicians during the consultation process, gaining valuable exposure to the ‘real life’ skills needed to become a successful veterinarian.

2011 was World Veterinary Year celebrating 250 years since the establishment of the very first veterinary school. To honour this milestone, we have taken the opportunity to provide some of our own educational support to the community with nurses, Meg and Laura-Lee and Dr Maggs Horsley visiting local primary schools to talk about healthy pets. We feel privileged to be a part of such a diverse and rewarding industry and look forward to being actively involved in the community in the future.

Our History

Meet The Team

At our core, the team at Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital understand, value and respect the very special nature of the human-animal bond and dedicate ourselves daily to the alleviation of pain and suffering and restoration of health with the aim of achieving quality of life for your closest friends.

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