Why is Microchipping Important in Australia

Amongst other benefits, cat and dog microchipping helps owners find pets when they become lost. In some states such as Western Australia, it’s the law to microchip your pet. In this article, we explore why.

The Microchip

A microchip is a form of electronic identification that’s embedded under your pet’s skin. The chip, which is placed between your pet’s shoulders, is roughly the size of a grain of rice.

How It Works

The microchip is embedded with a set of numbers that are linked to your account, which is included on a microchip database registry. Your account will have details on your pet and personal details, which includes a contact number and address.

For this reason, it is very important to keep your details up to date. If your pet becomes lost and their microchip scanned, they will attempt to contact you using the details recorded on the microchip.


The complete cost of the process (although this varies from vet to vet) is approximately $45. This fee includes the procedure and adding your information to the database.

Is It Painful?

The microchipping process causes very little discomfort as it is a very short procedure.

Which Animals?

Both cats and dogs can be microchipped.



In almost every state, microchipping is a legal requirement of having a pet, although the reasons below are just two benefits of microchipping our animals.

Abandoned Pets

It’s harder to abandon a pet when a microchip leads it back to you. For this reason, microchipping reduces the number of pets abandoned dangerously.

Dog Fighting

Microchipped dogs involved in dog fighting can lead investigators to their owners, exposing a horrific and illegal crime.


Why Microchip?

 Safe Method of Identification

When pets go missing, they generally have a collar and a tag, however, it may become lost or removed.

A microchip, however, is difficult to remove, therefore making it the safest method of identification. Along with this, should your pet be found and someone else tries to claim them, it’s easier to prove that they belong to you when they have a microchip.

Reunite Your Family

A microchip offers an easy way to reunite your family should your pet become lost. Studies show that cats who have been microchipped are 20 times more likely to be reunited with their owners than those who have not, and microchipped dogs are 2.5 times more likely than those who have not.


Does Your Dog Have Kennel Cough?

 If your dog has been sneezing with a runny nose and suffering from fatigue, they may have the kennel cough. If they have these symptoms for more than 14 days, bring them to Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

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