There is a current shortage of cat vaccinations in the veterinary industry at the moment, with an estimated return of stock beginning to mid 2024.

What this means for you;

  • We have a limited number of vaccinations in stock. These will be reserved for those cats who are most at risk, kittens and 1st adult vaccines.
  • Cats going into catteries, you will need to contact your local catteries for advice on what their plans are for animals who’s vaccination is not up to date.
  • We will advise those owners who’s pets are due for vaccines as soon as supply is available.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the vaccine shortage, please do not hesitate to contact Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital on (08) 9524 6644 or email us on

Alternatively refer to the following link outlining the Feline Vaccine Shortage and the current recommendations.

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