Regular health checks give pets and their owners the best chance of preventing, detecting and treating any possible illnesses, both immediately and in the future.

A full exam allows your vet to take a closer look at your pet and gives you the opportunity to ask about any unusual behaviour. Below you’ll find more information on the importance of health checks and how to manage your pet’s veterinary care.


Early Disease Detection

A key benefit of regular health check-ups for your pet is the potential to detect illnesses early on. There may be subtle changes in your pet’s behaviour that you don’t consider remarkable, but your vet may pick up on these as warning signs of something more serious. If your pet is diagnosed with a disease, the earlier the treatment starts the better the prognosis will generally be. This treatment could involve anything from surgery and medication to a simple change in diet, but whatever it is, you’ll want to get the ball rolling.


Preventative Treatment

There are many animal illnesses that can be easily prevented with treatment from your vet. Younger pets, in particular, will need a variety of vaccines to combat preventable diseases, along with treatments to deter parasites and worms. Your vet will help you construct a preventative healthcare plan for your pet over the next few years with scheduled treatments over time. At each check-up, the vet will also examine your pet’s weight and be able to warn you if they are becoming overweight, enabling you to make the necessary changes to avoid obesity.


Important Checks

During an annual health check, your vet will complete a thorough nose-to-tail examination of your pet. They will check ears for mites and infection, and examine eyes to make sure your pet has no issues with vision such as cataracts or glaucoma, which can lead to more serious issues. Internal organs will be checked using a stethoscope and physical manipulation to make sure there are no abnormalities. Another essential area of investigation is your pet’s mouth. Tooth or gum decay can cause your pet pain without you even realising it. This can lead to more serious abscesses or even tooth loss.


Total Wellness

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s health is our primary concern. In order to give you the best possible service and value for money, we’ve developed a range of wellness packages to provide excellent preventative care for your dog, cat, puppy or kitten. The plan includes regular health checks as well as parasite treatments, essential vaccinations, deworming and discounts on further consultations. Explore either our dog and puppy or cat and kitten packages to find out more, and keep your pet healthy for less.

If you’d like to purchase a wellness package for your pet then call Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital now on 08 9524 6644 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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