Why is weight loss important?

Recent studies have shown that up to 44% of dogs and 40% of cats in Australia are overweight.

Overweight pets live shorter, less active lives. Carrying extra weight puts extra burden on limbs, joints and the heart and can make a lot of existing problems much worse.
Overweight pets are more prone to suffering problems which can be attributed to weight gain such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and/or joint problems.

We are here to help!

Dieting is equally hard for pets as it is for people and sometimes a little extra help is required. To assist you in getting your pet to his/her correct weight, and then keeping them there, Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital is running FREE Weight Clinics for Pets.

The objectives of this clinic are to:

  • Help clients with overweight pets to set realistic goals and weight loss targets;
  • Provide professional advice on how this can be achieved; and
  • Provide advice on slightly overweight pets before this situation worsens.
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How do pets become overweight?
Pets nearly always become overweight from eating more food than they need, often coupled with a lack of exercise. The calories that are not used for daily activities are then stored as fat.

Feeding the odd leftovers, frequent snacks or treats, often contributes to excess weight gain. Feeding treats may also encourage your pets to beg at the table and pets are often very skilled at teaching their owners to feed them treats.

How do I know if my pet is overweight?
A quick and easy check to see if your pet is overweight is to feel its ribs with your hand. If you can feel the ribs with difficulty, weight loss is probably needed.

How do I sign my pet up for these Clinics?
Simply call us on 9524 6644 to book your FREE Weight Clinic Appointment today.