Wellness Programs for Cats & Kittens

Our cats are important members of our family, enriching our lives with their love, affection, and companionship. As a cat owner, we’re sure you adore your cat and want to make sure they stay in good health for a long and happy life.

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, our Wellness Programs for cats and kittens have been designed to make preventative health care affordable for you, while helping your pets live longer and happier lives.


Comprehensive, High-Quality Vet Care for Your Cat

Did you know that cats are really good at hiding illness? Cats get sick just like other animals but they are simply better at not showing when they’re feeling sick. Cats are susceptible to many forms of disease, whether they spend most of their time indoors or outside. Because they may not be exhibiting many signs or symptoms, you need to make sure your cat has regular veterinary care to stay healthy.

Early detection is the key to preventing and managing many diseases and reducing costly medical bills. With regular wellness visits, parasite screening and treatment, and core vaccines tailored to your pet’s lifestyle, we have the best chance of preventing, detecting, and managing illness down the road.

Under a Wellness Program, your cat or kitten will receive regular check-ups and vaccinations, keeping them in top shape and helping to stop illnesses before they develop. This form of preventive care can help to set the foundation for a lifetime of good health.


Included in Your Cat’s Comprehensive Wellness Program

Services Kittens Cats
Annual Vaccination*  & Health Check     ✔   ✔
12 Months flea & heartworm prevention     ✔  ✔
12 months intestinal worming     ✔  ✔
2kg bag of Hill’s Premium Food     ☓  ✔
100g sample of Hill’s Premium Food     ✔  ☓
1 x Free Nurse Consult     ✔   ✔
4 weeks PetPlan Insurance ( if eligible)     ✔  ☓
10% discount off pet merchandise     ✔  ✔
10% discount on Hill’s pet foods     ✔  ✔
15% discount off desexing** (kittens up to 6 months of age only)     ✔  ☓
Microchipping     ✔  ☓
PKVH Monthly Newsletter     ✔  ✔
Free nurse nail clips ( unlimited)    ☓  ✔
10% off membership renewals     ✔  ✔
20% off consultations (unlimited)     ✔  ✔

 *Scheduled for the 11th Membership month
*Excluding pregnant cats or cats in season


Special Veterinary Care for Kittens

  • F4 or F3 Vaccination (for Cats)
  • Panleucopaenia (Feline enteritis)
  • Rhinotracheitis (Feline herpes virus)
  • Calicivirus (Cat flu)
  • Leukaemia

As playful as they are, kittens are actually quite delicate and can suffer from a number of health problems in their first year, while their immune systems are still developing.

Your kitten will need to be examined frequently to make sure their growth and development are on the right track. It’s very important to vaccinate and deworm kittens on a regular basis.

Ensure that your kitten’s life gets off to the best possible start with the Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital Kitten Wellness Program. Vigilant care is a must, not only to ensure a kitten’s optimal development but also to instil preventative care habits in their owners.


Affordable Vet Care for Every Budget

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, we have plans and pricing to suit every budget. Our Wellness Programs make vet care more affordable, with convenient monthly payments that are more cost-effective than one-off treatments.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of an additional 10%-20% discount on many services within the Wellness Program, plus a 20% discount on all consultation fees throughout the year.


Join our Wellness Program designed specifically for Cats & Kittens

Call our friendly and professional vet team at Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital to learn more about our Wellness Programs and to find the right vet care plan for your cat or kitten.