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Preventative healthcare can protect your pet and save you moneySave on Pet Expenses with Preventative Healthcare

Being a pet owner is a truly wonderful thing, with our little animal friends bringing companionship, love and joy into our lives. As well as this, caring for a dog or cat is a significant investment, both in terms of time and money.

Before you go ahead and adopt a new puppy or kitten, you need to make sure that you’ve carefully considered whether you have the financial capacity to responsibly care for them. The expense of keeping a pet can be considerable for some owners, particularly if their cat or dog becomes ill or needs emergency vet care.

Fortunately, there are also ways to save on pet expenses. Today we’ll look at how wellness packages for your dog or cat can allow you to look after their health and wellbeing while saving money in the process.


Properly Caring for Your Cat or Dog

Owning a pet is a long-term responsibility. You have to be committed to caring for them for their entire life, providing them with a safe and comfortable home.

Annual health checks by a professional veterinarian are recommended for all cats and dogs, even if your pet appears to be completely healthy. If your pet has an ongoing condition or is older, they may need to visit the vet more frequently – generally twice a year, or as advised by your veterinarian.


Save Money with Preventative Healthcare

By practising preventative healthcare, your cat or dog will receive regular health checks by a qualified vet. This will help you to keep track of their wellbeing and detect any signs or symptoms of ill health.

This proactive approach to your pet’s wellbeing will keep them healthy, reducing the need for emergency treatments or operations. This will also reduce the likelihood of more expensive vet bills further down the track.


Things You Can Do At Home

You can also save on expenses by making sure that your cat or dog is taken care of properly at home. Coupled with professional preventative care, the following strategies will help to protect your pet and keep your costs down:


  • Nutritional foods – feed your pet a vet-approved diet to maintain their health and wellbeing
  • Regular cleaning – clean your pet’s beds, bowls and other living areas to prevent infection and other sicknesses
  • Pet grooming – have your pet groomed regularly to create a healthy coat and reduce possible complications
  • Entertainment – playing games and engaging your pet will improve their emotional wellbeing while nurturing their physical health


Wellbeing Packages – for Easy, Affordable Monthly Payments

Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital offers a range of affordable wellness packages that provide regular preventative care. Working with you, we can ensure optimum health for your cat, dog, kitten or puppy. With a wellness package, you’ll also know you have somewhere to turn to in case of emergency. Our professional and qualified vets are always on hand to offer you guidance and support at any stage of your pet’s life.

At Port Kennedy, we understand the monetary aspect of looking after an animal, and we offer services to make life a bit easier for pet owners. Monthly payment plans provide you with much-needed peace of mind about the health of your cat or dog while taking the emotional and financial stresses out of being a pet owner.

Talk to your trusted Port Kennedy vets about how wellness packages can benefit you and your best mate.