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Becoming a dog owner is a very exciting occasion – we bet you’re super excited about the latest addition to your family and can’t wait to get him or her home! Caring for a new puppy or  dog is a great way for kids to learn about responsibility, compassion empathy and how to interact with other animals. Dogs offer a wealth of companionship and loyalty to people, as well  as the opportunity for fun and increased activity. Life’s never boring with a dog in the house!

If your new canine friend is still a puppy there are some important things you’ll need to know, to ensure you’re giving him or her proper care and attention needed for the best start at a  long and healthy life.

To help you look after your new little canine friend properly, we’ve put together some important factors you’ll need to consider for your puppy’s wellbeing. Port Kennedy Wellness Package has been designed for puppies and dog to provide affordable health care for your pet.

Have a look at this practical owner’s guide about basic health and care for your puppies and dogs-

Bringing Your Puppy Home

It’s important to have a space already set up for your puppy before you bring him or her home. This will help them feel settled and safe, and allow them to rest and sleep in their own comfortable space.

Have some toys and playthings in their area to entertain them; this also helps them to know that this area is theirs. The laundry can be a good choice, providing a quiet room that isn’t a major thoroughfare of the house.

If you have children, they’ll no doubt be excited and wanting to play with this new family member. But make sure they know that puppy will need its sleep and quiet time, as it becomes settled in its new home. Supervise children, and introduce other pets gradually and carefully.

Exercising Your Dog

Regular exercise is very important for your puppy’s health and wellbeing. Make daily walks part of your new routine – your dog will look forward to exploring its new neighbourhood with you and will receive the stimulation and physical activity it needs to grow healthy and strong. Once initial Vaccine course is completed, seek guidance from your vet.

Puppy Training

Dogs require more training than most other pets, so be prepared to invest time in your puppy’s behavioural development and socialisation. Between the ages of 3 weeks to 17 weeks is a particularly critical time, influencing their behaviour as adult dogs. Also by attending dog training at Port Kennedy Vets owners learn what motivates their dog, differnt methods to ensure great outcomes.

Puppy pre-school classes at this age can be great for learning to socialise with other dogs and people, in different environments.

Your puppy should also learn to entertain themselves at home, with playthings and toys to keep active and avoid boredom. You can hide toys stuffed with dog treats around the house, especially when you’re not at home.

Puppy Toilet Training

The best way to toilet train your new puppy is by reward-based positive reinforcement – giving lots of praise and a reward when they go in the correct place. Make sure this area is easily accessible and your dog has frequent opportunity to use the space.

Be patient with your puppy and don’t ever punish them if they’re not getting it straight away. Your training will be far more successful if reinforced positively and patiently.

Dog and Puppy Vaccinations

Your new puppy will need to be vaccinated to protect against infectious diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and canine cough. Some of these diseases can be fatal, so vaccinations are extremely important. We run Vaccinations for Dogs and puppies between at 6-8 weeks, then 12 weeks.

As well as vaccinations, you need to factor in desexing, microchipping, dental health checks, regular worming and flea control, as well as any emergency vet treatment in case of accident or illness.

Preventative Healthcare for Your Dog

Before you go ahead and adopt a new puppy or dog, make sure you’ve carefully considered whether you can responsibly care for them. You’ll need to invest both time and money into your dog’s wellbeing – owning a pet is a long-term responsibility so make sure you’re committed to looking after your new friend for life, providing a safe and comfortable forever home.

Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital offers a range of affordable wellness packages that provide regular preventative care for your dog’s health. Regular check-ups ensure ongoing good health for your dog, and by preventing illness and disease in the first place you’ll also be saving money on potentially expensive vet bills.

Monthly payment plans will take a lot of the financial stress out of owning a pet, giving you 100% peace of mind that you’re looking after them properly, and have somewhere to turn to in case of emergency. You’ll also have compassionate and skilled vets always on hand to offer you guidance and support in looking after your puppy. Now go spend some time with your new best mate!

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