5 Easy Ways to Help Keep Your Dog Fit: Your dog’s health is in jeopardy if it’s overweight. The good news is that if you follow our guidelines, helping your dog shed pounds safely will be a breeze.

No More Unhealthy Treats

Whether you’re teaching your dog and want to reward excellent behaviour or preparing for a long vacation away from home, it’s tempting to give in to your dog’s every whim. While it’s perfectly OK to give your dog snacks every now and then, you should only give them goodies that are safe for dogs to consume. Miniature pieces of fresh produce, dental chews, or speciality meat sticks are all great options for treats for dogs.

5 Easy Ways to Help Keep Your Dog Fit: A Strict Dog’s Dinner

Unfortunately, our four-legged buddies do not fit the definition of “sharing is caring.” As important as it is for you to eat your supper, your dog needs to know that it is distinct from yours. Everyone in the household has to be aware that feeding your dog leftovers is hazardous for its health, because it may lead to weight gain and behavioural problems.

More Playtime, More Exercise

You and Fido will both benefit from this one! Your dog will lose weight more quickly if you exercise more, and you will benefit from it as well. Make an effort to walk for longer periods of time or add an additional stroll to your regular schedule. You should team up with a buddy who also has a dog so you can divide and conquer the daily walk duty. The best way to get everyone in the family moving is to get them outdoors and play with your dog often.

Think Portion Control

Rather of giving in to its desires, make sure your dog is getting the food it needs. Find out how many calories your dog requires each day by seeing a vet or looking it up online; then, prepare meals accordingly. As a first step in helping your dog lose weight, try reducing servings by 20-30%. Just make sure your pet is still receiving all the nutrients it needs to keep healthy.

Do a Weekly Weigh-In

If you want to set a target for your dog’s weight loss, your vet may assist you in doing so. Just stand your dog on the scales once with it and once without to get an accurate reading. If you want your dog to shed weight healthily, it’s best if it happens gradually over time.

Monitor Your Dog’s Progress

No matter how little you perceive your dog’s weight to be right now, it’s still wise to monitor its progress. Even after your dog’s weight reduction plan has ended, it’s a good idea to check in on his or her health by checking his or her weight once a month. At Port Kennedy Vets we offer a free weight loss clinic for our clients where you can work with your vet to make sure your dog stays in top physical condition throughout its life.

To arrange a visit to one of our free weight loss clinics, call the Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital team today on 08 6555 5149 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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