Human health isn’t the only area where medical breakthroughs are being made. Veterinary medicine is constantly advancing so that we can make the lives of our furry companions longer, healthier and happier. Here are a few topics we find interesting here at Port Kennedy Vets.

Australian Cat Plague

This deadly disease has been largely unseen for 40 years but multiple kittens in Victoria have been diagnosed with it so far in 2018. Feline parvovirus is a nasty disease which attacks the small intestine of cats, causing vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, anorexia and sometimes sudden death. Australia was one of the first countries to develop a vaccine for the virus, and its use quickly became routine, almost eradicating the virus altogether. Unfortunately, the disease is now back, but it can easily be prevented with the vaccine – so contact your vet and make sure your cat is protected today.

Canine Cancer Vaccine

In some cases, canine medicine leaps ahead of human medicine. A vaccine called ONCEPT has been developed which considerably extends the life expectancy of dogs suffering from certain types of melanoma. The vaccine works by provoking an immune system response which ultimately attacks cancer cells remaining after a dog has had a tumour removed.

Animal Acupuncture

Acupuncture is now commonly used by some vets to relieve pain and treat certain ailments in animals. Researchers still don’t fully understand this alternative therapy, but evidence suggests that it is effective in many cases. Animal acupuncture is most commonly used in cats, dogs, cows and horses for chronic degenerative joint diseases, neurological disorders, chronic pain management and respiratory issues.

Dietary Supplements for Pets

Supplements are really big in the nutrition world right now – but not just for humans! Multi-vitamins, supplements and food boosters have become big business in Australia where they are being sold in specialist pet shops, wholefood shops and veterinary clinics. It’s often difficult to make sure your pet is getting all the nutrients they need from their diet, especially if they have allergies or food intolerances so supplements are a great way to keep your animal in full health.

Animal Genetic Testing

Developed in the UK, genetic testing for animals is now spreading across the world. This type of test can be used to determine paternity as well as being used to look for indicators of genetic disease. Tests can also be carried out to determine the breed of your dog if you’re unsure exactly where your beloved mongrel came from!


It’s well known that animals have a significantly heightened sense of smell in comparison to us humans, so aromatherapy can be an extremely effective treatment for pets. Essential oils can be used to calm a nervous animal, fight off bacteria and viruses, repel insects and boost your pet’s immune system, all with the added bonus of protecting you against any nasty odours caused by your furry friend itself!

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