Pet bath

The thought of bathing your dog or cat can make you worried about how you’re going to get them in the tub, but surprisingly, some pets like to bathe. It’s rare for a cat for enjoy it, and trying to put your cat into a bath full of water could be cause for a visit to casualty for you, but many dogs don’t really mind it so much. If your dog, and sometimes even your cat, is bathed regularly when they’re young, they become used to them.


Bathing Your Dog

If you make bath time a pleasant experience from a young age, your dog will learn to associate it with fun. How often you bathe them depends on the type of dog, whether they regularly get dirty outside, if they have any skin conditions, and your personal preference. Some dogs are just extra smelly, and as long as you use a mild shampoo, there’s no reason why you can’t bathe them a couple of times a week as long as it doesn’t stress them.


The Benefits of Bathing Your Dog

No matter how often you bathe your dog, always use a very mild shampoo so you don’t dry out their skin and strip their coat of natural oils. Bathing not only keeps him clean and well-groomed; it also gives you a chance to bond with them and check for bumps, lumps, scratches and other conditions you might not otherwise know about, especially if your dog is very hairy or fluffy.

Some skin conditions or allergies may benefit from bathing regularly with a medicated shampoo specifically made for the condition.


Tips for Bathing Your Dog

It’s important that your dog sees bath time as a positive experience where they spend time with you and enjoys themselves.

Stick to the same routine every time, and make sure you have everything you need before you place them in the tub. Try to keep them calm so they don’t slip and hurt themselves, and use warm water, not too hot. When you’re rinsing the shampoo off, don’t pour water into their eyes or ears. Use a soft cloth to wipe their face clean so they don’t get shampoo or water in their eyes, ears or nose.


Go Professional

If you don’t like the thought of bathing your dog, but they still need to get clean, consider using a professional dog groomer. You can also get their nails and hair clipped if necessary.


Pet Health Rockingham

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