Port Kennedy Veterinary HospitalOwning a pet is a big responsibility, as you’re committing yourself to the care of another animal for the duration of its life. All pets deserve this life to be as long, happy and healthy as possible – and it’s up to you to ensure that!

Preventative healthcare is a clinical approach that promotes regular health checks, vaccinations, dental care and nutrition as a way to keep cats and dogs healthy, reducing the need for emergency treatments or surgeries.

Today we’ll provide you with more information on this topic and take you through the benefits that preventative healthcare can offer – for both you, and your pet.

Regular Vet Check Ups for Long-Term Health

Many vets recognise that preventative healthcare is the best way to prevent and manage diseases in animals. With regular visits ideally every 6 months to your veterinarian in Rockingham you’ll be able to detect any signs or symptoms of ill health in your pet, greatly reducing the risk to their health.

This provides you with much-needed peace of mind, and can also save you a considerable amount of money in vet bills further down the track.

Pet Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

Pet Vaccinations are also an important part of your pet’s health. Both cats and dogs need to be vaccinated from very young ages, to protect against infectious diseases and reduce the risk of young fatalities.

Port Kennedy Vet clinics in Rockingham offer preventative wellness packages for puppies or dogs, and kittens and cats bundle vaccinations into your cover, so your pet will receive the following services:

  • annual blood tests
  • parasite treatment
  • core vaccinations tailored to your pet’s lifestyle

Read more about the importance of pet vaccinations for your pet.

Be Prepared for Pet Emergencies

One of the scariest aspects of being a pet owner is the idea of something happening to your beloved pet – road accidents, poisoning and serious illness can unfortunately all happen. Aside from the obvious impact that this would have on your pet, treatments in emergency situations are often expensive and highly stressful. Your best bet is to be properly prepared for any emergency.

At Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, your pet can receive regular professional care under an affordable monthly payment system that suits your budget and promotes ongoing good health for your cat or dog.

These wellness packages for your pets offer a range of affordable services that provide regular preventative care for the health of your cat and/or dog. Regular check-ups ensure ongoing good health, and by preventing illness and disease in the first place you’ll also be saving money on potentially expensive vet bills. 

So consider preventative healthcare for your pet today – they’ll thank you for it.

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