Pet surgical procedures

Common Pet Surgical Procedures

No pet owner likes the idea of the furriest member of their family having to undergo surgery, but with the expert care of our team at Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital, there is no need to worry. We aim to make every surgery as stress-free as possible for you and your pet. Below, you’ll find more…

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Kennel cough in dogs

How to Treat Kennel Cough in Dogs

If your dog has kennel cough, it can be quite distressing to witness. Kennel cough makes your dog generally miserable and lethargic. The cough itself is also loud and can sound quite concerning. Kennel cough can become quite serious if left untreated for a length of time and it also prevents your dog from being…

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Vet Bills

How to Save Money on Your Vet Bills

Vet bills can be extremely costly and they come as a shock to many. Your animals don’t communicate with you that they aren’t feeling well. Sometimes we don’t even notice their illness before there are obvious signs such as yelping in pain or not eating and drinking. By the time you visit your vet, serious…

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Dog giving owner a high-five with one paw against human’s hand

Ways to save on Pet Expenses

Save on Pet Expenses with Preventative Healthcare Being a pet owner is a truly wonderful thing, with our little animal friends bringing companionship, love and joy into our lives. As well as this, caring for a dog or cat is a significant investment, both in terms of time and money. Before you go ahead and…

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