Pet insurance is still relatively new in Australia but there are many different providers and plans available. The cost of emergency veterinary treatments can be expensive, especially when surgeries or overnight stays are necessary. Read on to find out more about insurance and why we recommend that you arrange cover for your pet.

Why Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Insuring your pet is a great way to protect your finances and provide peace of mind. Unfortunately, accidents and illnesses are common emergencies and treating your pet can incur a significant cost. Whilst preventative care protects your pet from many diseases, you can’t predict what might happen when they are outside and unsupervised. When your pet is unwell, the last thing you want to worry about is how to pay for their treatment.

How Do I Choose an Insurer?

There are now many different companies offering pet insurance in Australia so the choice can seem overwhelming. Speak to your friends, family and vets to find out if they have any recommendations. The ease of making claims and customer service provision are both key factors in picking an insurer.

The pricing of available policies will likely play a big part in your decision, but make sure you find out how easy it is to submit a claim and how long the process will take before you sign up. This will ensure you avoid falling into the trap of a plan that offers false economy.

What Kind of Cover Do I Need?

The most basic type of pet insurance is accident cover, an insurance that looks after your bills in an emergency. The next level of cover is illness insurance, where your pet is covered for unexpected illnesses. This type of cover becomes more expensive and more complicated with age, so it’s a good idea to start it as soon as possible. It can seem more expensive when your pet is young and healthy but it offers big benefits over time as your pet ages.

The top level of insurance includes wellness cover, which provides routine examinations and preventative care for your pet. Some people prefer to save up and pay for these on the spot, while others would rather know that everything their pet might need is covered by their insurance premium.

When Should I Insure?

There’s a simple answer to this question – as soon as possible! Young pets are just as vulnerable to accidents as older pets, and the earlier you can start, the cheaper it is likely to be as you won’t have to pay extra for existing conditions that your pet may develop as it grows. As a part of our wellness packages, we offer 4 weeks of free PetPlan Insurance for our patients to help you save even more.

For more information on arranging pet insurance, call Port Kennedy Veterinary Hospital now on 08 9524 6644 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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