Do you have a pet who is in their senior years?

As you may already be aware our beloved pets age more rapidly than we do. This means that if your dog or cat is 10 years old this equates to between 60 and 70 human years.

Just like humans, when older pets enter their “Golden Years” they also require regular health check-ups to ensure they have no underlying issues. Our recommendation is that all animals over the age of 7 be given a senior wellness examination and baseline blood and urine testing be performed. Twice yearly health checks are recommended if you have a large dog that is over 8 or your small dog or cat is over 10 years.

The main health areas we focus on in this life stage include:

  • Kidney and liver health- Are the major internal organs functioning well?
  • Mobility- Is your pet sore and stiff? Do they find it difficult getting up stairs or out of bed?
  • Heart and Lungs- Is your pet coughing or breathing heavily? Is their stomach swollen?
  • Eye sight and hearing- Does your pet bump into objects?
  • Dental Health- Does your pet have bad breath or bleeding gums?
  • Lumps and Bumps- Are there growths or bumps on their skin?
elderthreeThere are many conditions that can be underlying and difficult to diagnose before they start to drastically effect the health of our pets. Some of these conditions can only be detected by blood analysis and urine analysis and by the veterinarian listening to their heart and lungs and thoroughly examining the physical health of the patient. These conditions can include kidney disease and heart conditions, sore and diseased mouth and arthritis.